Kyle Sterry on the web.

I'm originally from Northumberland, a rural county in northern England, near the Scottish border.   Since leaving my hometown, I've been on the move, having explored northern Scotland, completed a 12,000-mile solo roadtrip of the United States, lived in the French Alps during a ski season, and somewhere north of London. I also lived in Den Haag in Zuid Holland before embarking on a career that would take me around the world such as Libya, Tanzania, Cambodia and Australia.   My travelling bug began when I was just 16, on my first "real" trip, a school expedition to Venezuela. My travels continue unabated.

Long-term, I'm keen on working somewhere in North America, it's such a friendly place, and so much more to see! 

Skiing is my favourite hobby by a long shot, but I do enjoy driving, off-roading, climbing, trekking, camping, travelling, and high performance computing.

To get in touch personally, Facebook.

To get in touch professionally, LinkedIn. All options considered, especially one that takes me to North America, especially Alaska!